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Master Wildlifer Program

Master Wildlifer Program
Master Wildlifer Program

Master Wildlifer is an advanced course designed for landowners, land managers, and wildlife enthusiasts who are interested in integrating wildlife considerations into their current land use and management activities.

Practicing land managers will find the course invaluable in highlighting alternative management approaches for wildlife in forest and farm settings. Special emphasis is placed on wildlife (game species) that currently offer landowners additional sources of income through recreational access fees. Course participants will obtain the knowledge and necessary tools to enhance habitat for a variety of wildlife species that can be enjoyed by themselves, family and friends, and outdoor recreationists.

The Master Wildlifer series will involve seven sessions taking place on Tuesday evenings from 6-9pm at The University Center in Greenville, SC. January 16, 2018 will be the first date of the series with the consecutive sessions taking place each Tuesday until February 27, 2018

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