Payment Plan Enrollment Fee

Payment Plan Enrollment Fee

Signing up for the payment plan allows students to divide their quarterly charges into 3 installments due the 20th of each month in the quarter (due 25th of month for Summer Quarter). Enrollment in the payment plan requires a $50.00 enrollment fee, which is non-refundable. If you sign up for the payment plan in error, this fee can be applied to past or future due charges.

To be eligible for the payment plan, the student must be enrolled for the current quarter and the student account must be current with NO PAST DUE charges.

1. Pay $50.00 Enrollment Fee
2. auto-enrolled in payment plan by end of next business day
3. email notification of successful enrollment in payment plan

NOTE: If you are living in an on-campus apartment and would like to have all your quarterly rent included in the payment plan, please talk to Housing prior to enrolling in the payment plan, to get all months' rent charged at the beginning of the quarter.

NOTE: Paying the $50.00 Payment Plan Enrollment Fee does not enable automatic payments of the payment plan installments. The installments will need to be paid online through your MyCWU access, in person at the Cashiers Office, or with a check mailed to the Cashiers Office.