This Course is for Fidelity Employees Only

Course Overview: The course emphasizes and focuses on the application of the six-step financial planning process and the integration of knowledge gained in the seven core topics in the curriculum of the CFP program. Students are expected to use the analytical skills gained in the other courses to complete a comprehensive personal financial plan. The course will expand the dissemination of the CFP Board policies on the Standards of Professional Conduct and Ethical Responsibilities as they would apply to working with clients in preparing a financial plan in real-life situations. YOU MUST COMPLETE CFP 501 TO 507 BEFORE REGISTERING FOR CFP 508.

Faculty: Nick Siik or Bill Geyer

FALL Course Dates: MONDAYS & THURSDAYS, SEPT. 11 – OCT. 30, 2023
WINTER Course Dates: MONDAYS & THURSDAYS, DEC. 04 – DEC. 18, 2023 & JAN. 08 – FEB. 12, 2024
SPRING Course Dates: Not Offered in the Spring
SUMMER Course Dates: MONDAYS & THURSDAYS, JUN. 17 – AUG. 12, 2024

Refund: Refunds will be permitted to a student if a course is canceled due to low enrollment or if a student decides to drop the course before the class meets for the second time.