Post-Completion Training Fee: Academic Training

The Post-Completion Training Fee will support the continued maintenance and reporting requirements during the initial 12-month OPT or AT and the additional requirements for those requesting an additional 24-month STEM extension.

The Post-Completion Training Fee cannot be refunded. The only exception to the refund policy is if the graduating student submits their OPT or AT materials to ISS and it is determined that the individual is not eligible to apply for OPT or AT. The amount of the refund will be the fee payment minus $5.00 for processing fees.

Refunds will not be granted for those individuals who change their mind about requesting an endorsed I-20/DS-2019 after payment of the fee, submitting OPT applications late to USCIS, delays by USCIS, denial of OPT by USCIS, withdrawal of an application, failure to graduate, or any other reasons.

A new application submission for any reason will require a new Post-Completion Training Fee payment.

Post Completion Training Fees apply only to students at the Seattle campus. UW Tacoma and UW Bothell students should not pay the Post Completion Training Fee.