Seattle Funeral Home Records Search Request

Special Collections has acquired a limited range of local funeral home records for the following entities/businesses:

  • Sessions Funeral Home, 1916-1937
  • Home Undertaking Company, 1918-1977
  • University Funeral Parlor, circa 1920-1968
  • Bothell Funeral Home, 1936-1963
  • Clark-Rafferty & Putnam, 1939-1978
  • Acacia Funeral Home, 1964-1999
  • Forkner Funeral Home, 1971-1974
  • Seattle Mortuary, 1976-1981

More info: Preliminary Guide to the Seattle Funeral Home Records Collections (1916-1999)


These records are located offsite and all requests are staff mediated.


The cost is $10 per search (taxes and fees included) for each name requested. You will receive a link via email to a file sharing site for any records located.

Refund Policy

The search fee is non-refundable regardless of whether a record is located.