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Center for Bioengineering

We offer high resolution 3D printing services in both plastic and metal to help prototype your designs for research and projects!  Printers available include plastic polyjet printing in biocompatible material or maraging steel.  Both printers have a high resolution of 20 microns.  Other CFB services include rheometer equipment and more!

    • Please pay invoices for 3D metal or 3D plastic printing services from the Weir Biomechatronics Development Laboratory. After doing so, we will ship or deliver the completed part(s) when ready.

    • Custom poly(ethylene glycol)-based (PEG) hydrogels produced by the Magin Lab.


      $219.00 - $680.00 (depends on options selected)

    • Rotational Shear Rheometer


      $134.00 - $221.00 (depends on options selected)