Unstuck and On Target for Caregivers

Title: Unstuck and On Target for Caregivers 

Session Dates:  1-August 21st   2-August 28th   3-September 11th   4-September 18th

Time: 5:30- 7:00 MST

This live, 4-session webinar is designed to provide caregivers of neurodivergent children with an improved understanding of executive functioning (EF) difficulties that impact their child’s daily functioning and teach caregivers evidence-based, easy to use tools to support their child with EF struggles. Through using both a flexible e-learning tool called “eUnstuck and On Target” and attending live educational presentations, caregivers will learn strategies to understand and address their child’s difficulties with regulation of feelings, behavior and thinking. Caregivers will learn techniques that will allow them to coach their children in ways that foster improved flexibility, regulation and skills for organizing goals and plans. These strategies and techniques are derived from the Unstuck and On-Target curriculum (© 2021, Cannon, Kenworthy, Alexander, Werner and Anthony).

COMIRB #19-0432; Principal Investigator: Laura Anthony, PhD

Who this course is intended for:
Parents or other close family members caring for neurodivergent children, such as those with autism or ADHD, who are between the approximate ages of 8 and 11 years old. The Unstuck and On Target curriculum is for school-aged youth with good verbal skills but who display difficulty with executive functioning skills.

Important considerations:
  1. Prior to registering for this course, we strongly recommend that caregivers visit the Unstuck and On Target website (https://www.unstuckandontarget.com/) and look at the videos and other resources under the “Families and Caregivers” tab. This is recommended to help caregivers decide if the focus and content of the course is applicable to them and their interactions with their child.
  2. We also advise parents to look at the introductory module of “eUnstuck and On Target” accessible at: https://www.unstuckontarget.com/ **Please be aware that the eUnstuck learning tool references “autism” specifically, rather than children with EF difficulties. Since research has demonstrated benefits of the Unstuck and On Target curriculum for children with a range of neurodivergent conditions, this webinar is open to caregivers of children with autism and other neurodevelopmental diagnoses, as the lessons on executive functioning and interventions in the eUnstuck modules are applicable to a range of children with EF struggles.
Registration fee options:
  1. $100 This includes access for one caregiver or unique household to the four, 60-minute webinar meetings plus a unique access code for one caregiver to use the e-learning tool.
  2. $125 This includes access for one caregiver or unique household to the four, 60-minute webinar meetings, plus two unique access codes for two separate caregivers to use the e-learning tool.
REGISTRATION CLOSES Monday August 14th, 2023.

After registration, each attendee will receive a unique key to access the “eUnstuck and On Target”e-learning tool modules online. Prior to attending each webinar session we anticipate that participants will have reviewed the following modules as prework in preparation for each discussion:

Session 1: “Executive Function Overview" and “Can’t Not Won’t”
Session 2: “Accommodate” and “Motivate”
Session 3: “Words That Build Flexibility” and “Identifying Feelings”
Session 4: “Coping Strategies” and “Goal, Why, Plan, Do, Check”