Graduation Pledge Commencement Green Cord Payment

Payment is to cover cost of a green cord to wear with commencement regalia, for CU Boulder seniors who take the Graduation Pledge of social and environmental impacts. Pricing options include price for cord only - to be picked up from University Memorial Center room 355; or price for cord plus postage - mailed cord anticipated to be received within 1 week of payment at address within U.S.A.

After graduation, graduates will be offered $5.00 money back when you return cord back to the Environmental Center in good condition for re-use by a future grad and to reduce future program costs, for the Environmental Center's mission of sustainability. You may choose cash back or credit card refund. Please return the cords to UMC Room 355 or mail to the Environmental Center, 207 UCB, Boulder CO 80309.

Questions can be sent to