IHSS 2021 Virtual Conference Registration, August 15th-27th, 2021

All attendees, including talk and poster presenters, need to register and submit their registration fees through our EVEN Online Store for their virtual attendance to the conference. Upon completing their registration, registrants will be emailed by ihss.online2021@gmail.com with a link to submit and to register their talk/poster information, i.e. updated title, abstract information, and poster media, if needed.

Payment and registration can be completed now through June 1, 2021. Major credit cards are accepted for payment. After registering, presenters will be emailed a link and have until August 6th to upload materials and/or modified presentation titles and abstracts. The conference will be hosted via the Symposium Platform.

Undergraduate and graduate students, please enter coupon code "Research" to receive $25 off the registration fee.

Note: Travel Award Winners receive free registration and do not need to register here. Instead, they will be emailed a submission link directly from ihss.online2021@gmail.com.