Water Reuse Professional Master's Degree Program: Water Reuse Program Short Course

Environmental engineers have always had a role in helping modern society by providing safe drinking water and protecting the environment. Now, due to population growth and climate change, we are facing mounting challenges with the sustainability of our water supplies. Amongst most engineers, scientists, and policy experts it is well understood and agreed that water reuse needs to be a larger part of water supply systems in order to have a sustainable future. The time for water reuse on multiple scales from small on-site systems to community based and from non-potable reuse systems to direct potable reuse is now.

For this vision to be realized, there is a need for a new type of water engineer. One that is grounded in the engineering fundamentals, but also has the breadth and communication skills to navigate water supply issues, and the complexities of dealing with multiple stakeholders including utility management, regulators, political leaders, and the public.

The mission of the Water Reuse Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder is to educate students with the tools needed to be a successful water reuse engineer. As part of that mission, we are pleased to announce the Water Reuse Program Short Course. The Water Reuse Program Short Course will be an annual in-person and remote 2-day event in Boulder beginning this fall.

To kick-off this initiative, we are pleased to also announce a Spring Short Course in Water Reuse which will be held virtually on March 30, 2021. This 5 hour event is designed to educate young professionals and practicing engineers in the fundamentals of water reuse treatment. It is recommended that attendees have taken a basic course on water and wastewater treatment. The course is taught by CU Boulder professors and nationally-recognized experts and covers regulations, pathogens, chemicals of concern, and treatment technologies. It looks beyond the typical approach to water reuse and covers planning and implementation. Our keynote speaker, Doug Owen, will use his experience with the San Diego Pure Water Program to address big picture issues and approaches.

Please note that professional development hours are available for attending this event. This course is capped at 50 participants, so be sure to register soon!

For more information please visit the CU Boulder Environmental Engineering Program’s website, or reach out to Laura Vaznelis Ward with any questions you may have.

A 25% discount for federal or state regulatory agency personnel is available. Please contact Laura Vaznelis Ward for details..