Cultivating the Soil for People to Grow: The future of the Health Care Workforce

COAHEC 2023 Networking Education and Research Conference session: "Cultivating the Soil for People to Grow: The Future of the Health Care Workforce" presented by Benjamin D Anderson, MBA, MHCDS recorded on September 23, 2023. CME available through September 2024. One CME credit hour will be awarded after completion of post session survey. 

Healthcare delivery systems face a challenging labor environment as nearly 20 percent of the workforce has left the industry since the outset of COVID-19. What if we process this long-term, daunting issue through an environmental lens? With communities in mind, what if we liken our most needed workers to seedlings that require a healthy environment at work and home to grow and thrive? In this session, Benjamin Anderson will introduce a change management model designed  around the USDA's Four Principles of Soil Health, resulting in several interventions that are already yielding fruit.