Winter on Stage Ages 8-16

"Live from Troy New York! It's Friday Afternoon!"

Kids will love this full day camp where they become part of creating and performing in an original show complete with comedy, music, dancing (and perhaps a little stage combat...there always is)! Students will develop their own scenes, skits, musical numbers or whatever their awesome brains can come up with ALL IN ONE WEEK! Parents can join us for a show on the final afternoon program.

For ages 8-16
Classes 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
February 20 - 24

Schacht Fine Arts Center, Troy Campus


Russell Sage College reserves the right to use photograph(s), video(s) and sound bite(s), taken of or obtained from people or students on campus or at college-sponsored events for the purpose of promoting, publicizing, recruiting or managing public relations involving the college. Such uses could be in the form of print or electronic media, which includes, but is not limited to the web site, college publications (printed admission packages, brochures, magazines, catalogues, video productions, television or radio broadcasts, newspapers, newsletters, social media, etc.) and fundraising publications for college clubs or organizations.

Upon arrival on the Sage campus, people give their implied consent to the college to use these materials in any lawful purpose as detailed above. Photographs and video footage may be obtained from both informal and formal settings. All negatives, positives, prints, digital image files and raw footage are the property of Russell Sage College. If anyone wishes to withdraw his or her consent to the College for photography or videography usage, he or she may request, complete, and submit an opt–out form.


The Theatre Institute at Sage’s Theatre Education Programs offer an environment where students can feel comfortable and safe exploring, expressing personal creativity. Inappropriate behavior and habitual discipline problems cause difficulty for staff, teachers and other students in class. Therefore, we have developed a Dismissal Policy which outlines a specific procedure for dealing with these problems. Our overall objective is to deal promptly and fairly with discipline problems and to resolve them order to avoid a student’s dismissal from the program. This procedure is to take place after the teacher has already tried to manage the student on his/her own within the classroom.

  1. An incident report will be filed, the student will be referred to the Theatre Education Program Coordinator, and a parent/ guardian will be contacted.
  2. An incident report will be filed, the parent will be asked to meet with the Theatre Education Program Coordinator and other staff involved, the TIS Managing Director will be notified.
  3. An incident report will be filed; the student will meet with the TIS Managing Director and will be dismissed from the program.

Certain extreme negative behavior (e.g., physical violence) may warrant immediate dismissal at the discretion of the Theatre Education Program Coordinator and the TIS Managing Director. Dismissal from the Theatre Education Program does not allow for a tuition refund.