TekBots Base Kit

This exciting kit is the same one used by Oregon State University's freshman orientation course in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This kit includes all parts required to assemble the basic TekBot and perform the lab experiments designed for the ECE112 course at OSU. Bumper not included.

Included in this kit:
  • 1 mechanical base (frame, acrylic, motors, wheels, mounting hardware) (base.2) kit;
  • 1 small protoboard for experimentation;
  • 1 motor controller board (mtr_ctlr.2) assembled;
  • 1 charger board (chrg.1) kit;
  • 1 sensor board (sensor.1) kit;
  • 1 analog brain board (anlg_ctlr.1) kit;

For more information, please visit the TekBots hardware resources page.

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