Oregon's Coastal Recreational Fishing Community

As marine fishery resources in Oregon decline and demand by user groups increases, fishing communities face more and more regulations. This leads to increased interaction between management agencies and user groups, frequently occurring through formal public involvement methods and informal interactions. Communication is at the heart of these interactions. In 2004 a small study explored Oregon's coastal marine recreational community and the current state of communication within and between this community and the fisheries management community. The objectives were to understand the methods of communication used, to describe the current state of communication, and to formulate suggestions for improving communication. This publication focuses on factors that affect communication between these communities, and on potential improvements to current communication. It suggests that taking small but important steps toward making effective communication a priority is a good idea for both communities, and can build upon their genuine, mutual concern for the future of the resource. Anyone interacting with the coastal marine recreational fishing community (fisheries managers, the commercial fishing community, and other coastal resource users) would be wise to better understand and learn strategies for communicating with this understudied and possibly underrepresented user group in Oregon.

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