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Ultrasonic Sensor
Ultrasonic Sensor The HC-SR04 sensor uses sonar to determine the distance to an object.

Wireless Bluetooth Module
Wireless Bluetooth Module Wireless Serial 4 Pin Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module HC-06 RS232 With backplane

2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver
2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Antenna Wireless Transceiver

BeagleBone Black (Rev. C)
BeagleBone Black (Rev. C) Low cost ARM Cortex A8-based development board.

Nokia 5110 LCD Module
Nokia 5110 LCD Module 84x48 pixel LCD display

5V Mini USB 1A Lithium Battery Lipo Charger Module
5V Mini USB 1A Lithium Battery Lipo Charger Module USB powered rechargeable lithium battery charger.

ACS712 5A Hall Effect Current Sensing Module
ACS712 5A Hall Effect Current Sensing Module The ACS712 Current Sensing module allows for the measurements of both AC and DC currents by a 5V system. The module isolates the reading digital system from the sensed current using an internal hall effect sensor. This module is a 5A version.

5V Two 2 Channel Relay Module
5V Two 2 Channel Relay Module A 2 channel 5V relay system supporting up to 10A current.

Pyroelectric Infrared IR PIR Motion Sensor Detector Module HC-SR501

RS232 to TTL Converter Module
RS232 to TTL Converter Module Module to convert serial RS232 signals to TTL signals.

RC522 RFID Reader with Card
RC522 RFID Reader with Card RFID reader module

16GB MicroSD Card
16GB MicroSD Card 16GB MicroSD card

Wheel Encoder
Wheel Encoder Wheel Encoder

USBASP USBISP AVR Programmer Adapter 10 Pin Cable

TXB0108 8-channel Bi-Directional Logic Level Shifter

Teensy 3.1
Teensy 3.1 ARM based Arduino compatible dev board

StepStick Stepper Motor A4988 Driver Module

Solar Panel (60x60x2mm)
Solar Panel (60x60x2mm) Small solar panel

Soil Hygrometer/Moisture Sensor

SD Card Module Slot Socket Reader

S3003 Standard Servo
S3003 Standard Servo Servo Motor

RY725AI 10Hz UART USB Interface GPS w/ Glonass QZSS Antenna

MP3 Format Decoder Board with Amplifier

Mini 3A DC-DC Adjustable Step-down Converter (LM2596)

MG90S Micro Metal Gear Servo
MG90S Micro Metal Gear Servo Small servo motor

MC-38 Door/Window Sensor
MC-38 Door/Window Sensor Senses opening and closing of doors/windows

HKPilot 500mW Transceiver Telemetry Radio Set V2 (915Mhz)

Dual H Bridge DC Motor Drive Controller Board L298N

DC-DC Boost Converter 3V Up 5V to 9V 2A USB Output

CP2102 USB to Serial Module
CP2102 USB to Serial Module UART->USB bridge

Bus Pirate v3.6 Universal Serial Interface

Bus Pirate v3.6 acrylic case v1

Arduino Uno Compatible
Arduino Uno Compatible Arduino compatible clone board

ADXL335 Accelerometer
ADXL335 Accelerometer Accelerometer module

AD7705 Dual 16-bit ADC Data Acquisition Module
AD7705 Dual 16-bit ADC Data Acquisition Module 16 bit ADC module, SPI interface

ACS712 30A Hall Effect Current Sensor Module
ACS712 30A Hall Effect Current Sensor Module High capacity current sense module

5V 76-108MHZ TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio Module

0.36" RED LED DC Digital Voltmeter Panel Meter DC 0-32V

0.36" GREEN LED DC Digital Voltmeter Panel Meter DC 0-32V

0.36" BLUE LED DC Digital Voltmeter Panel Meter DC 0-32V

Raspberry Pi 3
Raspberry Pi 3 Single board computer

10 Pairs 2-Pin JST Plug Connector Cable Wire Male + Female 100mm
10 Pairs 2-Pin JST Plug Connector Cable Wire Male + Female 100mm 10 Pairs 2-Pin JST Plug Connector Cable Wire Male + Female 100mm

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