Tree Tots Summer Classes

Tree Tots is a nature-based-play class where children are encouraged to use their senses to explore their natural environment and learn together through play. Tree Tots builds on the nature-focused development children and caregivers experience with Nature Babies, but is also excellent for families new to the Forest Friends Series.

Caregivers are a vital part of the Tree Tots experience, fostering their child’s curiosity and helping them explore the great outdoors. Classes are loosely structured with teachers functioning as guides; asking questions to encourage wonder and allowing our Tree Tots to make choices throughout our journey.

Tree Tots is for children aged walking (~1 year) to 3 years.

For summer, you may enroll in individual classes. Each class will meet from 9-10:30 AM. The cost is $12 per student. Membership with the KPNC is required. Use promotion code TTSIB to receive 10% off for siblings living in the same household.

For more details, please visit our website.

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