Pebble Hill Lapel Pin

The Scott-Yarbrough House, also known as Pebble Hill, is an 1847 Greek Revival cottage in Auburn, Alabama listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The land where Pebble Hill stands was part of Creek Indian territory until 1832, when tribal leaders ceded it to the United States under the Treaty of Cusseta. In 1846, Nathaniel J. and Mary K. Scott purchased 100 acres of land and constructed Pebble Hill using enslaved labor the following year. The Yarbrough family owned Pebble Hill from 1912 until 1982. Dr. Cecil Yarbrough served three terms as mayor of Auburn, as well as a term as representative to the Alabama House of Representatives. The house has served as the home of the Caroline Marshall Draughon Center for the Arts & Humanities in the College of Liberal Arts at Auburn University since 1985. The Draughon Center creates opportunities that explore our individual and collective experiences, values, and identities using the creativity of the arts and the wisdom of the humanities.

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