Clementine Hunter Playing Cards Platter

Clementine Hunter Playing Cards Platter
Playing Cards Ceramic Platter 16" x 10.5" Clementine Hunter captures socializing with a card game under the shade trees in this scene from her life on Cane River. A percentage of the proceeds of each sale go toward the preservation & interpretation of the Clementine Hunter House at Melrose Plantation, a National Historic Landmark. How this piece is made: the sculptors begin by adding relief to each piece during the molding process. Next, each piece is fired through the kiln and sent to the team of artisans to hand-paint those things Clementine Hunter loved and observed during her life on Melrose Plantation. Once the piece is hand-painted, it is fired again. It is at this stage a final glaze is added to make the ceramic object watertight and food safe.

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