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Auburn Magazine Voluntary Subscription

Auburn Magazine Voluntary Subscription

For the past century, your Auburn Alumni Association has been bringing you news of Auburn University. From The Auburn Alumni Quarterly to The AlumNews to today’s Auburn Magazine, the name and format might have changed, but our mission has remained the same. With every issue, the magazine uses stories and images to reconnect readers to the Plains, at least for a few hours.

Auburn Magazine is written for your enjoyment. We share stories about Auburn graduates following interesting and exciting career paths. We unabashedly shout out the things we love about Auburn University, and hope you’ll share your memories with us. We help you celebrate Auburn victories, mourn its losses, and we strive to present you with stories and images you won’t find anywhere else.

Today, we ask you for your help to continue the tradition.

We invite you to express your appreciation of Auburn Magazine by making a gift to our voluntary subscription program. Your tax-deductible contribution will help ensure that the Auburn Alumni Association’s periodical—first published in 1912—continues to survive and thrive far into the future. Your gift will be used solely to help meet the costs of producing Auburn Magazine, which consistently ranks as one of the most favored benefits of association membership.