Oboe Camp

A-State Summer Oboe Camp

The A-State Summer Oboe Camp is an immersive week of oboe playing for high school students interested in improving their abilities and knowledge of the instrument as well as oboe reed-making.  Camp is open to oboists entering 9th grade in Fall 2019 through 2019 High School graduates.

Each camper will participate in daily master classes, reed-making classes, as well as play chamber music with other campers and college students.

Cost of attendance is $210 for on campus campers and $115 for commuter (off-campus) campers.  Students receive meals beginning with dinner on Sunday and conclude with breakfast on Thursday.  Commuters are allowed three meals in their tuition payment.  A $50 non-refundable deposit is due by May 31, and the full payment is due by June 23.

Camp is led by Dr. Kristin Leitterman and A-State oboe students. 

A-State Summer Oboe Camp